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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

By DillDoe | April 1, 2009

This isn’t an April Fools Joke. It’s out and it’s not great.

Ok this was suppose to be Wolverine’s origin movie (as well as a few other mutants) based on the comicbook of the same name.
Start of the movie was nearly identical to the comicbook’s story line of how wolverine was as a child. Then it went on it’s own direction. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum, major spoilers are redacted.

It was kinda cool to see Wolverine & Sabertooth fighting historical American wars. BUT if you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. How did two Canadian end up in American’s war and all that time no one noticed THAT THEY DO NOT AGE!

Along with Wolverine & Sabertooth, they also had Bolt, Blob, Agent Zero (aka Maverick), Deadpool and Wraith, which made up Team X (based on the comic)
They were led by William Stryker, who in X-Men 2, created the Weapon X Project that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton.

They were mercenaries and Wolverine decided to walk after he couldn’t deal with the killing (uncharacteristic, but he is supposed to be a hero) That’s where the story get cliché. He falls for a girl, girl gets killed. He wants revenge, but isn’t strong enough. So he goes for an upgrade. It sorta follows the comic, but except where he loses his memory after becoming Weapon X. Which kinda makes sense storywise cause you can’t have an amnesia hero two-thirds into the movie.

Ok, this is the part where it totally goes off track and will piss alot of comic readers off. MAJOR SPOILAGE!!

Gambit was a wasted character. If you took him out, it wouldn’t have affected the plot at all. I don’t know if it’s a miscast or the writing, but this is not the suave cajun from the comics that you know & love.
But the biggest let down was Deadpool. For those who are clueless about him, imagine spiderman as a psycho killer and looking like the Toxic Avenger! I was cool & physced to see Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (perfect casting). He does a bit of wise cracking as Wade, but not as crazy as in the comic (which I hope he would after getting disfigured). To my horrid disappointment, they turn him into a mixture of mutants without a mouth (WTF!!!!). Stryker was doing Nazi style experiments to extract mutant power and combine them into one killer mutant, a Dead Pool (ugh). So in the final fight between Deadpool & Wolverine, he starts using said powers. Sword blades that comes out his arm, like Wolverine. Transportation (Wraith) and optic blast (Cyclops). The whole end fight is pretty much a re-enactment of the end fight in Star Wars eps 1. Were the two leads fights a bald martial artist wielding two blades. The younger of the two chops the bad guy in two and watch him fall down a reactor!
What a crock of SHIT!! The screwed up Deadpool so much they had to kill him off! So pretty much no hope of a Deadpool spinoff movie.

The movie started out good, but just got worst as it went on. Blame it on the writer’s strike or Marvel for letting it deteriorate into bowl of crap. What could’ve turn out to be an amazing movie was instead an Uwe Boll’s signature failure. This was like Spiderman 3 all over again.

edit: Forgot to mention quality of the bootleg. It’s a workprint so it was DVD quality. It’s missing a few CGI scenes (especially at the ending) but it doesn’t distract from the film.

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