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Star Trek!

By DillDoe | May 11, 2009

Take Lost, Superman, and a bit of Cloverfield and you got J.J Abrams’ Star Trek!

If you didn’t already know, this is a prequel to the star trek original series. The way they handled Kirk’s history is straight from the first Superman movie. Kirk, was born in space and sent (back) to earth in a escape pod while his father died in an explosion. Then Kirk has to face a bald villain who’s want to fire a nuke into the center of the earth!
Even the scene of young Kirk speeding in his step dad’s sports car and then leaping/flying out before destroying the car mimics young Clark Kent running home at super speed. Also Spock’s story mirrors the destruction of Krypton as well.

Movie is very character driven (just like Lost) and the major plot deals with Time Travel (omg, just like Lost!) Having never seen any episode of the original Star Trek, I can’t really comment on how good the intimations were, but that might be a good thing seeing how I’ve always felt the original series was extremely cheesy and cheap looking. Even the Jetson looked more futuristic.

Without anymore spoilers, the movie was good, not great. Story seems pretty solid, and clever way to do a prequel with massive changes compared to the original series (hint: Think butterfly effect) Eye candy galore, but I’ve never really got a sense I was in space, more like an airplane, with the sun blaring into the window every time it passes a cloud. (It was as if JJ was screaming, “Photoshop in more lens flares!!” when he was directing it)

Bootleg quality was clean, but the sides & top were cropped. Not really noticeable except in some scenes were the heads were cut off. Some motion blur during high action scenes. If there wasn’t any crops or the motion blurs, it would have been a dvd quality rip.

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