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Legend of Chun Li = Batman Begins!

By DillDoe | June 20, 2009

The new Street Fighter Movie, Legend of Chun Li pretty much a ripoff of Batman Begins’ storyline!

Both are kids from rich families (look at their mansions!) who loved their fathers.

(look at their old butler!)

But once their dads is taken away from them, they turn into these grungy, angst filled young adults

Who think they can kick anyone’s ass, but not really (lol)

The kids get scouted by these old dude, who turns out to be in a super secret organization, who teaches the kids to kick ass

(by the way, gets their asses kick by the old dudes the first time they fight)

then the old dude’s place gets blown up

Weee, it’s fun to run on roof tops to escape the cops, who they’ve just met for the first time! But more roof top fun later on in the movie, yeah!

Looks like swat was the only ones getting disrespected (lol). Looks like it’s up to the kid and that one cop to stop the bad guy!

In the end, they mention some dude, with one name, that kid should keep an eye out for. Some Joker named Ryu! :D

AND extra bonus annoyances, stupid dad quotes mentioned throughout the movie.

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