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By DillDoe | February 8, 2008

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Bringing back my “What They Need To Make” segment.

The iPod (nano) gets smaller and smaller each year, as well as the screen size. SO using those Video Goggles concept we can simulate a larger screen using a small one.

This is based really on a pocket toy telescope I had as a kid.

The screen will be encased near the bottom. Pulling the iEye open will turn on the screen and increase the view (just like a camcorder view finder)

Sticking to iPod’s basic controls, turning the bottom left or right will simulate FF/Rew or Scrolling. It’ll be ‘spring load’ so that it’ll return to it’s original position once you let go.

There’s a Menu button as well as a Play/Pause in the middle. Play/Pause also acts as Select (center button) as well as Power On button. The Docking port will be in the middle as well (not shown)

Closing the iEye will also put it in HOLD function cause you can’t turn it to FF/Rew or Scrolling and the Menu & Play/Pause will be inaccessible. Since the screen will be off as well, it’ll act solely as an MP3 player.

Video out could be handle by the docking port. Internal screen will turn off if Video Out option is chosen.

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