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Early Fall Preview!

By DillDoe | July 29, 2007

A few new shows this Fall have been ‘leaked’ on the interweb. NBC’s hyped Chuck, CW’s Reaper, Terminator and new Bionic Woman show have been ‘uploaded’ to various newsgroups and torrent sites.
Here’s the breakdown: (spoilers ahead)

Chuck: Future NBC canceled show. Basically took the show Jake 2.0 plot, with characters from losers filled movies such as Waiting, 40 yr old Virgin, etc.. to create an unoriginal Spy comedy/drama. The main character is a Paul Rudd/Thomas Cavanagh clone, the lovable loser that knows everything thanks to some pics. His friend is trying his best to mimic Seth Green. And the rest of the cast fills out the other stereotype roles (Femme Fatale, Mean Agent, Jerk Boss, etc…) I bet the killer female spy will fall for Chuck. The mean Agent will be his best buddy after he save his life and his loser friend will score with an enemy agent (betting it’s a leggy Russian) And Chuck will get the honor/fame he only dreamed of *puke*

Reaper: This show actually share similar elements to Chuck. Again lovable loser with loser pals working at a Mega Store. BUT, it’s actually kinda has a cool plot and the characters weren’t annoying as in Chuck. (SPOILER AHEAD) Basically the main character finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his sole to the devil and now the devil wants him to be his bounty hunter of escaped souls from hell. The main dude from The Loop plays the same role (with the same name) here. There are lot of elements from other movies here too, but it’s done well. There are references to Shaun of the Dead (the buddy relationship) The Omen, StarWars/Matrix and even Ghostbusters (when you see how he hunts them you’ll get it)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) When I first heard about this, I thought it would suck hard. After watching it, it’s not as bad as I first thought (not great either). It takes place a few years after the second movie. FBI are still looking for them (for blowing up Cyberdyne) as well as Skynet (from the future). At first I thought they wouldn’t have any Terminators in the series (budget wise and timeline wise) but sure enough they do. Not one but 2. Here’s where I thought the plot was weird. Why did Skynet send another T-800 (Schwarzenegger model) a few years after the 2nd fail attempt and not a T-1000 (liquid metal) or advance version? (budget wise maybe, but still) Not only that, they send a female teenage version of the T-800 (WTF?) Yes, it might work in the plot to throw another teen in to play against John, but horrible story wise as a Terminator role. Why you might ask? Terminators are suppose to be indestructible killing soldiers (well the T-800 series) and a teenage girl hardly fits that description. That and the fact that she (played by the weird chick on Firefly) acts like a regular teen in the beginning then full on Schwarzenegger monotone is uncharacteristic. But she does have the cold, blank terminator stare down.
Instead of going on, let me just list my grips:
Mediocre CGI (Terminator’s Eye scan looks cheesy)
Lena Headey (queen in 300) doesn’t have the physique or ice cold mentality of Linda Hamilton’s version.
Cliche Know-it-all FBI Agent played by token black dude.
Building advance weapons & machines in the past
Terminator hiding gun inside his leg (why not a gun from the future then?)
Battle damaged Terminator able to time travel (how? only organic matter can travel, exposed metal would’ve been discarded like their clothes)
Timeline inaccuracy (They travel to 2007, 3 years after T-3 when skynet became sentient)
Dead Terminator before jump to future (Gee, I wonder if that’s how they remade Skynet with all that hardware left there)

Still if you can overlook those it’s still a pretty decent show.

Bionic Woman: Again, another series I though would suck ass, but didn’t. Combine Terminator & Chuck (without the humor) and this is what the show is. Hey Starbuck & Chief are in it (from BSG, Battlestar Galactica) Katee Sackhoff plays the first Bionic Woman, Sarah Corvus, who goes crazy after the implants. Hey she’s part Cylon, lol. She plays the role just like one too (6 from BSG). This is still an unfinished pilot. Some CGI are missing and just read that the role of the younger, deaf sister has been recast and reshot with a better looking hacker (with hearing). Good move considering she looked like Kelly Osborn and spoke like Ozzy (deaf accent is so annoying, lol). Alot of ‘Creationism’ science used here to create the Bonic woman. Same for the plot as well. A car accident that makes Jamie Sommers pre-Vader like (lost of right arm, eye and both legs) left her Doctor boyfriend unhurt and perfect enough to perform hours of intricate surgery on her (yet suffer a broken arm when throws him against the door, which heal fast enough for the sex scene, lol). Seems like a decent show, but my major grip with it is that every chick in it is butch looking.


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