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By DillDoe | February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider

Another Marvel Comic film that took a long time to get on screen.

The Good:

Eva Mendes. Holy crap she was hot in this film. They said she gained some pounds for this movie and boy did she gain them in the right places! She was just eye candy really in this movie (Fanboy’s wet dream) She had a throw away role and her romance with Cage was weak (come on, at least throw in a sex scene)

History. Have to admit, they were pretty faithful to the characters’ history. Yes there was a western Ghost Rider. Yes Johnny Blaze was the same in the comic as he is on screen. Yes the devil was named Mephisto who had a son named Blackheart.

CGI. They did do a very good job on this film. He looks just like he does in the comics.

The Bad:

Nicolas Cage. Holy crap he looked old in this film. And what’s with his Elvis accent? Yeah it’s in the south (Texas) but the younger version of Blaze didn’t have that corny accent (whom I thought should’ve used instead of Cage.) And zero chemistry with Eva.

Villains. Yeah yeah yeah, so Ghost Rider’s power are elemental, but did you really need the villains to be elementals too? Earth, Wind & Water, all could’ve snuffed out Fire. Yet never stood a chance against him, WTF?! Reminded me of Rock, Paper, Scissor, where Rock always win.

Plot. Predictable and full of holes. Why introduce the western Ghost Rider near the end when he does NOTHING! And the end fight was flawed as hell.

They sorta combined the Johnny Blaze Character with the Daniel Ketch one (the one most will remember since he came out in the 90′s) Blaze did not have a transforming chopper, chain or the Penance Stare (he got it later from Ketch). He later wears Ketch outfit which he stole while in jail (scene & line stolen from Merv of Sin City).

Overall a watchable movie (at home) I would put it higher than the horrible Daredevil movie. It’s kinda sad to say that Eva was the best part of the movie with nothing to do but look good.

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