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American Idol = Lost

By DillDoe | March 21, 2007

Ok there was a big rumor that somehow ABC Lost & NBC Heroes were connected. Beside the Producers there are no connections.

BUT, I do see a major connection between 1st season Lost & this season FOX American Idols!

First up, Jack played by Chris Richardson

Sure he sounds like Justin Timberlake, but can he be emo on cue?!

Dead Boone, played by spitbox, Blake Lewis

Yes, just like Boone, Blake did his sister too!

Micheal, played by Brandon Rogers

And by don’t say that it’s a coincident that the first one off the show is also the first one off the island!

Hugo, played by Chris Sligh

Come on, are you kidding me! What are the odds of TWO fat dudes with jerry curls?!

Rose, played by Lakisha Jones

What are the odds of TWO fat dudes with jerry cur..oh wait, never mind.

Locke, played by Phil Stacey

They’re bald! Phil is in the armed forced so sooner or later he’s gonna be in a wheelchair anyway.

Ah, now it’s time for everybody’s favorite!

Sayid, played by Sanjaya Malakar

Yeah Sanjaya needs about 500cc of testosterone just to grow facial hair like Sayid, but you can’t deny the similarity!

Both their jobs are to torture women, but at least Sayid is doing it for information. Sanjaya does it for fun!

(Thanks Sir Hardin Thicke for the original image)

Honorable mentions for Doctor Bailey from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy for making it to the top 12 contestants.

and thanks for not singing about your Va-Jay-Jay!
* (Quote from Lost: Episode 2-15)

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One Response to “American Idol = Lost”

  1. Nathan Says:
    March 21st, 2007 at 5:47 am

    Sayid is AWSOME, but come on, Sanjaya Malakar? You cant compare The cool arabb/Persian Sayid to an effeminate hula dancer fa$##$@! lolz to the rest. and It sadens me but your right about the torturing XD


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