January 8th, 2013 by DillDoe

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Beta version, tested some of them but not all in game (don’t expect issues since rest are just different meshes)

Was planning to release this at the end of December, but got the bright idea to add a dozen helmets instead of just releasing one.
Originally just had a motorcycle helmet (as show above) that worked like my Samus one, where it’ll hide the hair until it came off during the H-scenes.

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Then I decided to add a football helmet (which still needs a bit more work since it hides the front hair at certain angles.

I took the motorcycle helmet and edited it to look like a Power Rangers Helmet (it’s really basic, didn’t wanna spend more time creating textures to match the different rangers)

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I’ve also decided to add a bunch of video game helmets as well.
The Mass Effect Cerberus soldiers, Borderlands, Dead Space, Halo, Stormtrooper, etc…

Those I got from rips of the game so that made everything faster. Not very editable color wise since they all use detail textures, but I did take the time to separate the helmet and the eyes/visor for each so you can have different colors for each.

I was gonna add some open face helmets (ie. megaman) but due to the way I hide the hair, it’ll also hide any makeup the girl has (ie. no lipstick, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc..) That would require more work so will hold off on that.

It’s Illusion Wizzard ready (I hope, been a long time since I’ve made one) and will add the helmets to your Overgarments Bottom section (Skirts, pants, etc..) It was either that or the underwear section since those are the only 2 that comes off during H-scenes

I don’t have as much time like I used to to work on these mods, an hour a day if lucky, so hence the delay and possible errors (like said, didn’t test every helmet in this mod in the game)
So if you find something wrong let me know.

Stay too for a sneak preview of future releases…

edit: Link updated, error in lst file.

Outfit: [ Download ]

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