December 27th, 2008 by DillDoe

Some minor fixes to 2 mods that were released.

First, fixed the bones for the Faith outfit. The waist would not conform to body of other girls with different waist/breast size.
This is now fixed, so please re-download the file.

The towel mod had miss matching row numbers, so if anyone had issues installing it, try re-downloading and try again.

Minor updates:

Still working on Halibel now that I got new images (thanks boom). Biggest issue is her bone mask. Still working on how to make it interactive, so you can take it off during H-scenes. I’m sure none (well maybe some) of you want to do her bone faced :P

I did some minor updated the character so the braids kinda sway when she moves. Not alot, but it’s better than before.

Also expect a nice extra/surprise when I do release her!

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  1. Boom Says:

    I love your work

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