Mirror’s Edge Faith

December 24th, 2008 by DillDoe

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Mirror’s Edge Faith Character & outfit!

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This was suppose to be released yesterday, but I ran into some weird problem with the tank top during final testing yesterday (more about that later)
As always I tried to get it as to look as much as the original as I can. Faith has a VERY asian face, bigger cheek bone as well as a semi square jaw and very ethnic eyes.
I edit the face mesh to look almost like her, BUT the game does not like it if you edit the eyelash, blush and/or other items on the face. The face had a huge slit/gap right down her face, as well as other weird effects. I had to revert it back to AG3 Make version inorder for it to work in the game.

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The hair really gave the the most problem. I kept getting edge lines in the texture, where you can see a semi-transparent white outline where the hair ends. I finally get rid of (99%) it.
I also had to edit it to give that round, bob look. The default had the back and front tapering in near the ear, so I had to round that out. The hair will clip with her face during some scenes due to the it being so close to her face. Her tattoo should be a 90% match. Best I can find on the google. I also change her skin tone to match the original one.

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Her outfit is very simple, yet it took me four tries to get it right. The tank top was originally the swimsuit, which I changed to my custom full body top and edit to look like the swimsuit.
I did this because I wanted to add an underwear to the outfit and also I wanted the tank top to be pulled up, over the breast, instead of pulled down around the waist. For some unknown reason, during the final test it would crash when I tried to remove it during H-scene. After almost a day of trying to fix it, I scraped it and redid it. I still have no idea what went wrong.
I wasn’t gonna do the bag or gun, but I was trying to get it to match the original so I gave in and made them. The bag is interactive, so you can take it off or on during H-scenes.
The gun however is not interactive and disappear during H-scenes. It’s just basically a modified version of the Tomb Raider Gun.
Pants & shoes are mainly texture with minor mesh editing.

Character: [ Download ] [ Mirror ]
Outfit: [ Download ] [ Mirror ]

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

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  1. geester222 Says:

    Thanks, its awesome.

  2. hurr Says:

    good job bro

  3. Boom Says:

    I just downloaded the demo on xbox and it’s really cool
    I’ll have to get this and the full game :D

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