December 21st, 2008 by DillDoe

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Boxing Gloves mod that you can use in Make!

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Mod contains regular padded boxing gloves with options of Sparring gloves or Taped up hands.
The mod uses the long glove texture and includes a subtexture that shows the strip and the laces.

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Use Illusion Wizzard to install it so you can use it in Make.

Outfit: [ Download ] [ Mirror ]

4 Responses to “KO!”

  1. Nateous Says:

    Hey dilldoe, I am really liking a lot of your mods…its got me thinking of a couple of ideas myself, though i such a noob. anyway the illusion wizard for your boxing gloves doesnt work for me( i get a .net framework error, saying index was outside bounds of array). other mods usually work so I dont know what to do. also i had a question, could the taped glove texture be applied to like a halter top. I was trying to recreate akari form yakuza girl manga and she keeps her breast taped underneath her school girl outfit. any feedback would be great. sorry for the long post.

  2. CS Says:

    This MOD does not work with Wizard. I am getting the same error, something about an unhandled exception occurred …outside array. The problem looks same like what the Bikinijeans Mod had until you fixed it. Now the bikinijeans MOD works for me, can you fix this one too? PLEASE. Thanks

  3. DillDoe Says:

    Try it again guys, I think the problem was the extra tabs at the end of the LST file.

  4. Marginal Says:

    Now, all you need is a StrongBad head (think of the comedy value…lol…)

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