Stuff Animal Head

December 20th, 2008 by DillDoe

Animal Head1
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Stuff animal head cosplay. Finally something you can add to your ‘Cute’ outfit section!

Got the idea from another 3d game where the girl had a similar cat head with matching full body cat suit pajamas.
You have 3 options for ears; Cat, Bear or None.

Animal Head2
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This is an Illusion Wizzard ready mod. Once install you can find it in the Head section of Make. I’ve included the Cat & Bear texture (only the Cat has a sub texture for the strips).

You can create your own texture to suit your cosplay needs. Below is the texture mesh to help you create your own.

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Outfit: [ Download ] [ Mirror ]


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  1. DigRu Says:

    Aww, download links don’t work :( Could you maybe fix it whenever you have the chance?

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