How to Manually Install Mods!

January 25th, 2008 by DillDoe

Ok, seems like a few of you have trouble installing mods for Make. Here are some instructions on how to install them manually if you can’t do so in Illusion Wizzard!

It might seem long, but it’s pretty short (6 steps) I just want to be as thorough as possible.

Tools you’ll need:

7-zip (to uncompress the mod)
AG3Decrypt (to uncompress AG3′s .pp files)

Download those tools so you can uncompress the mod files and js3_00_00_00.pp.


1) Copy or move AG3Decrypt.exe to your AG3\data Folder


2) Click & Drag js3_00_00_00.pp onto AG3Decrypt.exe (This contains all the .lst files that tells Make where stuff are & how to use them)
AG3Decrypt.exe will uncompress the pp file and create a new Folder (with the same name as the pp file) with all the files uncompress in it. In this case we are uncompressing the LST files.


3) Using 7-zip, uncompress the mod you want to install. In this case we are using the Futanari mod.
You should now have a folder name after your mod. In it there is a Folder called AG3, some preview images and/or a description text file.
In the AG3 folder you should have LST_INSERT & M_Tex (& js3_00_07_00) folder and a .pp (or .xx file in js3_00_07_00 folder)

*see below on how to install .xx files


4) Copy the pp file to your AG3\data folder and all the images in the M_TEX folder to your AG3\data\save\m_tex (In their corresponding folders)


5) Now open the text file in the AG3\LST_INSERT folder (in this case it’s panties.txt) and delete the first 3 columns and copy the rest of text. (Turn off wordwrap in Notepad.exe)

In your AG3\data\js3_00_00_00 Folder open js02_01_02.lst, which is your undergarment list. Find an empty slot and paste what you just copied from panties.txt.
Change the first column number to next in series, in this case we have to change it to 20.


6) Finally Click & Drag folder js3_00_00_00 onto AG3Decrypt.exe to finish.
AG3Decrypt.exe will backup your original js3_00_00_00.pp file.

Ok, to summarize:
1) Download tools and copy AG3Decrypt.exe to your AG3\data folder
2) Click & Drag js3_00_00_00.pp onto AG3Decrypt.exe
3) Uncompress your mod
4) Copy pp file to AG3\data folder and textures from M_TEX folder to their corresponding AG3\data\save\m_tex folder
5) Open LST file in your mod’s AG3\LST_INSERT folder and copy everything except the first 3 columns.
Open corresponding .lst file in AG3\data\js3_00_00_00 folder and paste data in empty slot.
6) Drag js3_00_00_00 onto AG3Decrypt.exe to finish.

*How to install .xx files
If you happen to get a .xx file in your mod (I won’t do this cause it’s takes longer to install/uninstall) it should be in a folder called js3_00_07_00 (or similar).
1) You have to Click & Drag js3_00_07_00.pp onto AG3Decrypt.exe to uncompress it.
2) Add the .xx file in the new js3_00_07_00 folder
3) Click & Drag the folder js3_00_07_00 onto AG3Decrypt.exe to compress it again.
4) Follow steps 4-6 to finish copying the texture files and adding it to LST file.

LST files for outfits.
js02_01_01.lst – Underwear Top
js02_01_02.lst – Underwear Bottom
js02_02_01.lst – Top
js02_02_02.lst – Sleeves
js02_02_03.lst – Bottom
js02_03_01.lst – Glove
js02_03_02.lst – Socks
js02_03_03.lst – Shoes
js02_04_01.lst – Head
js02_04_02.lst – Face
js02_04_03.lst – Ears
js02_04_04.lst – Hair Back
js02_04_05.lst – Hair Side
js02_05_01.lst – Lower Back
js02_05_02.lst – Back
js02_05_03.lst – Bottom
js02_05_04.lst – Neck

Make sure you install Darkhound’s lst expansion, which fills each lst above with 100 slots or else anything you add will not show up in MAKE.
You can do this manually by changing the 2nd row, 7th column from 0 to 100
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 …
1 0 0 0 0 0 100 …
2 0 0 0 0 0 None …

9 Responses to “How to Manually Install Mods!”

  1. Toukai Says:

    Thanks a lot, this really helps. I seem to have alot of problems using the Illusion Wizzard. Not sure why, I use Vista and everything else works (usually) Just glad someone took the time to actually write out the Manual instructions.

  2. DillDoe Says:

    you’re welcome. Most of the thanks belong to playboy6174, who wrote a wonderful LST_INSERT tutorial (allowing me to share my mods)
    I just reverse the process for those having troubles.

  3. Pdoonk Says:

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I’m having trouble figuring out how to install meshes. Know anything about those?

  4. Asatru Says:

    Thanks for your tutorial!

    Sadly enough i’m not getting to work, and i’m pretty sure its my own fault.
    My main concern is that this part is somehow wrong.

    20 0 Futanari.pp js3_00_03_00.pp js3_00_03_00.pp js3_00_04_00.pp Futanari Panties Futanari_0102.xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a01_N_Zentai_01 a01_N_Zentai_01 0 a01_N_Skeleton_01 1 0 0 c02_ref01.bmp c02_ref02.bmp c02_ref03.bmp c02_ref04.bmp 0 Panties None 0 0 0 Balls None 0 0 0 a40_02_02_01_00_Futanari.bmp a40_02_02_01_00_Futanari_N.tga 0 0

    Would be nice if i can get it confirm that its either good or bad.
    Also a other thing i bumped into was,

    ‘ AG3 folder you should have LST_INSERT & M_Tex (& js3_00_07_00) ‘

    I dont have the js3_00_07_00 1 in there ( nor anywhere on my pc! )
    Is that bad?

    Thats the only part i could mess up the rest is pretty much click & drag.

    Again thanks for any help in advantage and my apolgise for being such a retard but like many i would like this mod to work!

  5. DillDoe Says:

    >> Asatru
    Your insert lines looks right compared to the one I have.
    js3_00_07_00 folder is for mods that insert/change items in js3_00_07_00.pp (which I hardly never use) So for the Futanari mod you shouldn’t see that folder.

    So far I don’t see anything wrong with what you did. I think the reason it’s not working is that you haven’t install the lst expansion (which fills each lst with 100 slots)

    make sure the 2nd row looks like this
    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 …
    1 0 0 0 0 0 100 …
    2 0 0 0 0 0 None ….

  6. Puvk Says:

    Followed every step exactly but all my extra slots in ‘Undergarments’ remain empty.

    Am I supposed to do anything with the original js3_00_00_00.pp file after 6?

  7. Puvk Says:

    LOL. Would help if I selected ‘bottoms’ right? Great tutorial!

  8. klwnprinzofcrime Says:

    ive been trying to find a tutorial on how to actually create outfits and install them, so far all i have learned is getting the original uv 3d mesh files which i have and editing off of that which i think i get. What i dont get is how to make MAKE read the new files?? ive been using the texture load feature but dont see the new item, like a longer more sinous cat tail. please help me though i think i got some good info regarding that on here. just need to know how to create the files

  9. tomwolfpack Says:

    wow! i got it right the first time, but i looked too high up in bottoms they where far down in free slots hehe fantastic mod! thank you!

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