Requests & How to

March 17th, 2000 by DillDoe

If you have a request for an outfit or character add them here!
Currently not taking any requests. Working on finishing old mods.

How to Manually Install Mods

Just request it in the comment section below.
Also it would really help me out if you include a link a picture of the costume and/or character so I know for sure what you’re asking for.

Not promising to do all requests. If it’s unique and interesting I’ll definitely try and recreate it for AG3.

August 1, 2008 Update
Hi all, I know I haven’t fulfilled any request yet, but please bear with me (it took me almost a whole month to do my last one, Alita) There are also alot of characters & outfit I want to do but never got a chance to start (or finish). ie. Haruko from FLCL, my mask mod, halo mod & lightsaber. But if a mod really interest me, then they monopolize pretty much all my time (ie. battle angel alita).

I’m also trying to piece together a full bodysuit from different mods to use for upcoming characters (ie. superheroes) as well as accessories that you can use in Maker, like the mask mod.

So bear with me and just hang in awhile. Outfits will get done faster than characters just because it’s alot easier to edit the mesh and get it to match the original. Characters with really Anime faces are usually impossible to reproduce due to the nature of how the face is constructed. They usually turn out really cartoony or really freaky (usually the latter)

January 3, 2009 Update
Happy New Years Everyone!

Been neglecting this section for a bit so that I can finish all the other mods I’ve started and haven’t finished yet. Going thru the list I notice some request for ‘young’ characters. I know the characters aren’t real, but due to recent laws/ruling here in the US I really don’t want to take any chances. If age of characters are questionable don’t bother requesting.

I have a handful of characters that I have to finish before I can get back to requests. I will
start look at the Persona 3 character(s) to do first since they’re the most requested. I think someone already made them, but I’d have to check.

Requested so far:

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
Lili (Tekken 5) underage
Dark Magician Girl Done
Lenalee Lee underage?
Persona 3 (Yukari, Mitsuru, Fuuka, Elizabeth)
Siesta (Zero no Tsukaima) underage
Fire Emblem (Lyn, Fiora)
Sorceress of Grayskull
Furinji Miu
Equestrian Outfit Done
Majorette Outfit
Ace Attorney (Mia Fey, Franziska von Karma)
Katt (Breath of Fire 2)
Twi’lek Done
Chrono Trigger (Marle, Lucca)
Shaina,Thetis of saint seiya Done by japanese modder
Athena’s God cloth
cat’s eye
Hana no Ko LunLun underage?
Gantz (Kishimoto Kei, Sakurakaoka Sei) Done by japanese modder
Winx Club girls
Trix Witches
Sawa (Kite)
Ayane (Yellow Star) underage?
Millenia (Grandia 2) underage?
Black Male
.hack// (Pi, Tabby underage)
Lucy (Fairy Tail)
Sun Shang Xiang (Dynasty Warrirors)
Police Girl
Pirate Girl
Warcraft (Troll, Draenei)
Sari Sumdac underage
Yuri Sakazaki Done by others
Darkstalkers (Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Q-Bee) Done by others
Taimanin Asagi (Asagi)
Sakura Card Captor underage
Scooby-Doo Male
Zelda Green, Red & Violet Outfit
Cloud Strife
Sheena (Tales of Symphonia)
Boa hancock (One Piece)
Clare, Galatea and Miria (Claymore)
Lady Salome (Makai Kingdom)
Prier (La Pucelle Tactics)
Asuka’s school uniform
Karin Kanzuki underage
Joanna Dark
christie monteiro (Tekken 5)
Ninja Gaiden Rachel
SSX Tricky Elise
Fear Effect Hanna
Killer Instinct Orchi
Rival Schools Tiffany
Kunoichi Hibana
King of fighters Vanessa
Persona Aigis Done by japanese modder
Ryofu Housen
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Lisa Lisa
jill valentine
Yugioh (Dark Necrofear, Cyber Harpie Lady, Alexus Rosie, Yubel)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers (Subaru Nakajima, Ginga Nakajima, Tiana Lanstar, Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Hayate Yagami, Shamal, Signum, Vita)
Mai Hasegawa
Akira Viper 16
Virtua Fighter (Sarah Bryant, Vanessa Lewis)
Sniper Wolf
Excellen Browning
Rouge powerstone
Selvaria Bles
07-Ghost (nun, mermaid)
Seikon no Qwaser

242 Responses to “Requests & How to”

  1. VulgarMaestro Says:

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) costume.


  2. Mekanix Says:

    I am requesting Lili from tekken 5

  3. Kuroki Says:

    hey dilldoe… ive got two requests for you which i hope are challenging enough :p

    Dark Magician Girl

    Lenalee Lee
    Back: (sorry, best picture i can find)

    e-mail me if you need more pictures

    thanks and have fun

  4. Fenrir72 Says:

    Been meaning to ask this. In your Cammy mod, in the costume section, there was an entry of “M.Bison”. After I saved the selection, it disappeared. Just what does this M.Bison costume look like?

  5. DillDoe Says:

    I’ll wait until a GOOD body suit mod is released. Trying to stay away from skintight costume till then cause the clipping issues really drives me crazy :P

    Lace, arggh. I’ll see what I can do, but don’t hold your breath cause I still can’t get lace to come out looking good.

    I guess I can finally use the witch’s hat. Looks like a very complicated outfit.

    That was just a test to see how cammy would look in Bison’s hat and cape. It’s not an actual outfit, just something I slap together in Make (military cap & towel) to see how it looks.

  6. phi Says:

    I’ve been waiting for some good Persona 3 characters for a while now. Yukari, Mitsuru and Fuuka are the main three I’m looking for, but Elizabeth is right up there with them.

    No image links because my Google-fu is failing me, perhaps yours will fare better. :\

  7. VulgarMaestro Says:

    Could you tell me where to find the bodysuit mod that already exists? I’ve tried looking everywhere but have never found one at all, not even one that clips

  8. ChAoZ Says:

    can u make siesta from Zero no Tsukaima
    image (black haired girl)

  9. Alex Says:

    How about Lyn, from the Fire Emblem series?


  10. Fenrir72 Says:

    Do you remember the original He-man and the Master of the Universe by Filmation? Could you do a Sorceress of Grayskull (aka Tee-La’s mom)mod? That babe is HOT!!

  11. Def Says:

    Hi Dilldoe, you really do great job, so i have a request ^^
    its Furinji Miu:




    (sorry bad english)

  12. Fenrir72 Says:

    Hello again DD. I have a request, quite simple though ecchi in origin. Could you design an equestrian outfit and a majorette’s uniform. Those are pretty sexy themes.

  13. kazuki0801 Says:

    The purple hair
    She is very busty, so please give her the biggest breast size there is, thank you
    she is not my chara, but would be nice of you to make her
    i like her design very much ^_^ i am pretty sure the creator of her would be happy to see

    also I would appreciate it if others took screen shots of her ingame……
    I tried downloading the AG3 and it fails to work
    so seeing her in many images would make me very happy.

    thank you again.
    also, if her outfit is too hard to make, please put her in a gothic lolita outfit.
    thanks again

    sorry, english is not my main language….. hope you understand of what i say.


  14. DillDoe Says:

    I actually wanted to do an equestrian outfit for one of my character. I only got the ruffled shirt done so shouldn’t be hard to add a jacket and pants.

  15. Cleveland Rock Says:

    How about these two Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban characters? Lawyers are sexy!

    Mia Fey (defence attorney) pics:
    image (jacket zipped)
    image (jacket unzipped)
    Mia Fey info:
    image (her attorney badge)
    image (a magatama, only Mia’s magatama is blue)

    Franziska von Karma (prosecutor) pic:
    Franziska von Karma info:
    link (Franziska’s whip)

    Thanks for taking requests. Keep up the good work!

  16. Fenrir72 Says:

    If you do have sometime for extras, in the equestrian outfit…….could you add the uber hot “cap” or is it helmet worn by equestrians? And make her have twin pigtails like Cammy hehehe

  17. coolmario Says:

    I know this is not much of an outfit, but it’s a simple request; I’d like to see longer hair ribbons, if that’s possible. Preferably for this type of hairstyle: Here

    What I mean by long the ends of the ribbons should be shoulder length. Also use a texture similar to this: Here

    Thanks man, hope this isn’t too hard.

  18. Lord Gryphon Says:

    Could you take a shot at making Katt from Breath of Fire 2?

    You could just do the outfit, and add the ears and tail, and a skin overlay for use with wizzard.

    Plus, the shamans’ outfits (other than the one on the far left).

  19. Vega Says:

    Some Twi’leks would be nice…customizable skin colors, two…


  20. Lost_Sheep Says:

    How about Marle and Lucca from Chrono Trigger.
    Chrono Trigger was originally a snes rpg made by square soft,
    was remade as a ps one game later.

    image (This is a close up shot of her face)

    image (This is a close up shot of her face)
    image (Another close up)
    image (a view from her back)
    image (Her without her orange overcoat on)


  21. iamcloudd Says:

    Hello dilldoe,would you like to make these challenging characters?

    Shaina,Thetis of saint seiya
    Athena’s God cloth

    cat’s eye


    Hana no Ko LunLun

    Thanks a lot.
    e-mail me if you need more pictures

  22. Trigon73 Says:

    I agree on the Spider Woman outfit that VulgarMaestro brought up.

  23. charlo Says:

    Dude you are a genius.I’d love to know how u create your mods so I can do some on my own.I love the cammy and dark magician girl.I’ve only done modding on a small scale using the program text mod.How do u create these mods?

  24. Oldnavy Says:

    Well not really an oldy for a request,but i would like to know if you have seen gantz.
    Kishimoto Kei and Sakurakaoka Sei (thankfully the creator already has them naked at some point) and the gantz suit.
    When you get time watch the eps here.


    Might give some inspiration.

  25. DillDoe Says:

    thanks. I use what every modder use, sb3utility, metaseq & photoshop.

    I was gonna make it a while ago, but some japanese modder already done it. It’s mostly texture maps and the plug suit mod (one of the first fullbody suit). I might do it if I finish my fullbody suit.

  26. Infernal Says:

    Is there anyway you can change the color of the skin all over? As in blue or light green? Wanting to do Mystique from Xmen and Shego from Kim Possible.
    Not the best pics but here are a few.

    Skin is a light green more yellow than blue.

    Great work btw.

  27. LaBlueGuy Says:

    Just wondering if Winx Club gals would be possible. Don’t need to do the 3rd season Enchantix… Maybe 2 versions for each gal? I.E., one mod in their ‘Winx’ form and one in their ‘Normal’ form.

    Images (I hope these work):

    Bloom (Normal): image

    Bloom (Winxed): image

    Stella (Normal): image

    Stella (Winxed): image

    Musa (Normal): image

    Musa (Winxed”) image

    Tecna (Normal): image

    (Thought a full frontal pic would be helpful, but I can’t seem to find a pic like this one, but with higher resolution)

    Tecna (“Winxed”): image

    Flora (Normal): link

    Flora (“Winxed”): image

    Layla (Normal): image

    Layla (“Winxed): image

  28. LaBlueGuy Says:

    Oh! I would like to add Dark Bloom into that mix, too, and if possible, the Trix witches as well, with kind of the same thing for the Trix Witches, in regards to 2 possible outfits: a “School/Casual” type outfit as well as their “Battle” outfit.

    Dark Bloom: image

    The Trix Witches:

    Icy (School): image

    Icy (Battle): image

    Stormy (School): image

    Stormy (Battle): image (Is reversed, and can’t find a larger pic atm)

    Darcy (School/Casual): image (Can’t find larger pic atm)

    Darcy (Battle): image (Can’t find a pic with better resolution atm)

    Semi decent close-up of all three: image

    If any of these are too much to ask for, I would personally rather see the “Winxed” versions and the “Battle” versions of the Trix Witches (couldn’t think of what else to call that “form”). While I haven’t gone through the Make Fashion portion enough times to remember what’s all there, I suppose that there could very well be appropriate “regular clothes” that would come close enough?

  29. Lockjaw Says:

    Man your work is awesome! Hope you have time to pull out this request from me!

    Im hoping you can do a faithful recreation of Sawa (from Kite, would be great to have her hair and earrings!) or Ayane (from cool devices 07 Yellow Star).

  30. Fenrir72 Says:


    I finally recalled my most fervent wish to have this character created. Millenia from Grandia 2.

  31. koji91488 Says:

    I would love to see a costume or char creation of Lyn or Foria from Fire emblem: Rekka no ken.

    image -Lyn

    image -Fiora

  32. NoXign Says:

    Could you please release the mesh of the skirt of your “Marine A Go Go!” costume for use with the LST FILE CLOTHES EXTENSION mod ?

  33. ZionOAS Says:

    Hey I’m not sure if this was actually done but could you make a black guy for the male character. Nothing much done to him, just change his skin to a brown like the GT3 dark skinned girls. Slap a afro or some straight back braids on him XD that be real cool. If you take intrest up in this thanks man, and keep up the good work.

  34. Keimei Says:

    If it’s possible, do you think you could create Pi and Tabby costumes and maybe even the characters themselves from .hack//GU?

  35. DillDoe Says:

    That’s already on my TODO list ;)

  36. xzeldax3 Says:

    i think it would be cool if you could create the girls from Rosario+Vampire.
    or love hina

  37. JRL90 Says:

    Can u make Mitsuru and yukari from shin megami tensei persona 3. And also lucy from fairy tail

  38. JRL90 Says:

    Rozalin image

  39. Mekanix Says:

    if not lili how about sun shang xiang from dynasty warriors?

  40. JRL90 Says:

    Mitsuru image

    Yukari image

    Fuuka image

    Metis image

    Lucy (fairy tail. Girl in middle) image

  41. JRL90 Says:

    umm not that I wana rush it but might I ask when might u be finished?

  42. JRL90 Says:

    sorry that I’m asking too much Mr. dilldoe but please

    knight image

    Jennifer image

    Kunoichi image

    Rosso image

  43. DillDoe Says:

    at this point, at least a month to finish one. Yes it maybe a long time, but others waited longer.

  44. JRL90 Says:

    ok. I understand . Just wanted to know

  45. Sjaakster Says:


    I would like to request two things.
    Police Girl
    Something like this: image
    Pirate Girl
    Somtehing like this: image
    These are just examples of things I would like.
    Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards Sjaakster

  46. DillDoe Says:

    I was planning to do a Pirate hat, based off of Captain Jack on Pirates of the Caribbean. The police outfit can be done in Make with texture.

  47. Boom Says:

    Would it be possible to make a troll or draenei like from warcraft? troll might be easier

  48. NoXign Says:

    Not really something from scratch.
    But could you please transfer some of the Sexy Beach 3 shoes (especially the summer/ beach looking ones) to AG3 ?

  49. cartman6x6 Says:

    hiya, how liked make a version 3d adult of this female cartoon of name sari sumdac of transformer animated? link

    and what is you messenger msn, yahoo or AIM for talk with you for new ideas of models of clothes and accesories for artificial girl 3, send me this information in email for more conform =3

  50. Chiron Says:

    Really, really nice work.

    I’m searching for more haircut variation.
    A short curly haircut will be (for me at least )a good addon for the existing haircut.
    A link to a real model (the second pic, off course):

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

  51. DillDoe Says:

    Kinda hard seeing I don’t have SB3 installed to extract the mesh from, I’ll see if I can find my copy.

    I see if it can be done. Since I can’t really edit the bones, it will be very unpredictable how a full head of curly hair will act.

  52. paco669 Says:

    Would it be possible?

    Yuri Sakazaki


  53. Pasl Says:

    It would be a challenge, but it would be nice to see a “Felicia” of Darkstalkers fame. Or to a slightly lesser extent, a convincing Hsien-Ko (aka Lei-Lei) or Q-Bee. Whichever tickles your fancy I guess. Any of those would require some custom hair and new accessories, so I won’t be holding my breath if it’s too much to ask.




  54. DillDoe Says:

    I think there’s already a Felicia character & outfit out awhile ago (before the expansion pack). I think there’s a Hsien-Ko out too. I’ll see if I can find it and if they don’t look good, I’ll think about adding them to my todo list.

  55. Pasl Says:

    Hmm, I’d only seen a Morrigan costume, but I easily could have missed the others. Thanks for checking. Also, it doesn’t look like my images worked… oops.

  56. Boom Says:

    There’s an Hsien-ko outfit out there? o.O

  57. DillDoe Says:

    I found the Hsien-ko texture that someone did for Make. It doesn’t have the claws or the character itself. Not sure who made it, but I’m guessing someone named talismans?



  58. Pasl Says:

    That Hsien-Ko isn’t half-bad. Thanks for finding the link.

  59. Boom Says:

    that’s awesome lol thanks DilleDoe! :D

  60. Erogeholic Says:

    Hey DillDoe, I would like to request a Taki character & model from Soul Calibur 4.

    Here are some pictures:


    Thanks :)

  61. NoXign Says:

    Could you please make this wizard-ready ?


  62. DillDoe Says:

    Their site block non-japanese site from downloading their stuff, so I can’t even get it.

  63. NoXign Says:

    This one includes all 4 ZIPs:

  64. T!NK Says:

    I’d like to see a more realistic big-butt. There’s a voluptuous girl and “buttmod” out there, but one is way too big, and the other isn’t big enough. I’m talkin’ something like Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce, or even J-Lo. It should stick out the back, and be like a shelf.

  65. Boom Says:

    Hey Dill I just found what Halibel looks like without the clothes on



  66. McDzNuTz Says:

    DillDoe, I gotta say that you are one of the greatest things to ever happen to AG3, and anime fans overall. It just wouldnt be the same without you. I didn’t even know you had a webpage until now. There are a lot of characters I would like to see. Yukari Takeba from Persona 3 is at the top of my list. I would absolutely love to see a great Yuakri, and would greatly appreciate it if you could ever find the time. Nobody could make her better than you. I have a pic of all her costumes if you want it. Thanks in advance, and for everything you’ve already done. Later.

  67. DillDoe Says:

    oh my, I was afraid her face would turn out like that, lol
    Now I have to decide if I should follow or create a less ‘scary’ version

  68. Pornosaurus Says:

    Hey, i just recently discovered this website and i gotta say, you’re damn awesome! If you ever feel like it, can you make an Asagi costume from Taimanin Asagi..I’m assuming you know what that is i hope :D

  69. Jackie Says:

    Hey genius man, I’m requests for Kinomoto Sakura form Card Captor, please make my favorit character and some of her outfit… thaks dilldoe :D

  70. Alex Says:


    I know you’re probably VERY busy, but I have a quick question. I love your Scooby-Doo character mods and I’ve also seen the mods that change the main character guy into a woman with a strapon. They didn’t move, but he (she?) had breasts and everything, indicating to me that the shape of the male mesh can be changed. If this is the case, would it be possible to make the main character guy into the dog, Scooby Doo? I imagine it would be VERY hard, and he would probably have to walk upright on his hind paws, but is it possible? I imagine other people have been requesting this mod as well, I’ve seen a few on Hongfire’s forums. I’m COMPLETELY new to modding AG3+, but I do have Photoshop, 3D modeling, and UV mapping experience in my career field. Is there any way I could help you complete a Scooby mesh for the main character guy? I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I offer my help all the same. Please let me know, thanks.

  71. DillDoe Says:

    There are at least 3 issue that might come up.
    1st are the bones. Scooby’s leg might not work giving how the bones are in the game.
    2nd is the head. I’ve tried to look for and create Scooby’s head, but with no luck. I was gonna use it for a backpack in the scooby-doo release.
    Last is the character’s mouth/tongue. There might be some weird problems by moving the tongue. If you can find or create a good Scooby-Doo head, I see if it’s possible to work it out.

  72. Crisis_21 Says:

    I’d kind of like to see additional colors of Zelda’s Link outfit, such as green, red, and violet. Also, do you think you could do one of her dresses?

  73. 11Z11 Says:

    Hi Dilldoe,ran into your site while searching the net for additional info on LST files….just wanted to say hello and that Yuri Sakazaki cannot be underage….. i mean unless you’re remaking her from art of fighting one or something.

    also i believe someone has already made her outfit cause i remember downloading it….not sure though…..maybe at uppervolta?……

  74. BootyMan Says:

    Lol make a goku :/

  75. Bigboss Says:

    I know you made a solid snake but id like to ask for Naked snake from mgs3 but without the face camo
    like this

    as a male replacement of course :D thanks I hope you have time to do requests T_T

  76. mmm Says:

    yuri sakazaki is here link

  77. DillDoe Says:

    Yes, you are correct, I read her bio wrong.

  78. sasenai Says:

    could you please make a guy mod of “Cloud Strife” of FF7 or FF7-Advent Children

    I think people would love to ave him as the guy in the game
    Cloud Strife FF7 – Original image

    Cloud#1- Advent Children image

    Cloud#2- Advent Children image

  79. PWright Says:

    Well, My request is Sheena, from Tales of Symphonia.

    Here are some images:



    I hope you like her :D

  80. Fenrir72 Says:

    Thanks for the equestrian outfit, looking forward to it but for the underage status of Millenia, I believe you can use Tecmo’s legal loophole………N/A. I also recall a US Supreme court ruling stating that created/drawn/simulated images of what appears to be underage girls in ero are allowed. Only actual pictures of actual living underage girls are considered illegal.

  81. DillDoe Says:

    Bush overruled the Supreme court. Like I said, I don’t want to take any chances. It’s totally not worth it.

  82. Fenrir72 Says:

    Hehehe maybe Obama will be different. Btw where is the equestrian outfit?

  83. DillDoe Says:

    You can create the outfit in Make using the helmet from the Rollerskate mod, Shirt w/ Blazer and use pantyhose for the tight pants. Add gloves & boots to finish off the outfit.

  84. Fenrir72 Says:

    Oh that one. Will do.

  85. cartman6x6 Says:

    hiya, i am liked the idea is how you try in model 3d several females adults of a show cartoon of name “titeuf”

    the names of the females is “nurse airbag”

    the coach “or teacher of sport” pamela

    and vanessa

    a directive of a TV studio

    hoped you liked this ideas, what is you opinion?

  86. DillDoe Says:

    those characters are so stylized that it would be near impossible to recreate in AG3

  87. cartman6x6 Says:



    hiya, liked the idea of create model 3d of females or clothes of this 2 games hentai? <=3

  88. Nathaniel Says:

    I’m totally suprised that there isn’t a suggestion for Chi from Chobits (both light and dark chi would be preferable… same character, slightly different outfits). The difficult part would be that Chi has ridiculously long hair… so a compromise might have to be made with its length.

    Nyu and Nanna from Elfen Lied. It may be easier just to make the horns available, because other than that, the characters are fairly straight forward. The only other clothing that might need to be considered is the weird green hat that Nyu wears sometimes, and perhaps the sunny yellow dress that she sometimes wears.

    Sakura, Inoe, and Hinata from Naruto

    Orihime, Rukia and Youichi from Bleach… but any and all of the bleach women would be cool.
    On that note, the shinigami outfit would be nice, as would Orihime’s main wardrobe.

    Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw star
    Melfina would be nice too

    At least the outfits from Sex Warrior Pudding, the characters can be made to fit them from there.

    The outfits and women of Golden boy would be nice:

    Starfire from Teen Titans. The challenge with her is that she has strange eyebrows, and the whites of her eyes are also a bit green.
    Raven might also be somewhat interesting.

    Tinkerbell just for giggles.

    there’s just too many to list. Those should keep you plenty busy for quite a while. I think I’ve covered the most popular women in anime at the moment… plus a few others. Keep up the good work, you’re doing great.

  89. DillDoe Says:

    majority of that list has be created already, there’s a nice chobit someone recently made.
    There are also multiple version of the Naruto & Bleach characters. The teen titian girls were made a very long time ago.

  90. IceAndBurn Says:

    Dilldoe, I congratulate you for your work. I have some requests.

    Boa hancock (One Piece):

    Clare, Galatea and Miria (Claymore):

    Thanks in advance.

  91. Boomkin Says:

    Aye most of that list has been done bro.

    You can find them all here at: link
    Or more accurately: link

    And if you can’t find the girls there? You can DL the AG3DBC from hongfire as well.

    Pretty much all the girls you’ve listed can be found at those links :)

  92. Fenrir72 Says:

    Hello DD. Have a question and a request, I remember you incorporating Satoshi Urushibara’s “nipples” into Halibel. Any chance you might re-create Lemnear? Or any of the Langrisser girls? Or Ignisu?

  93. DillDoe Says:

    nah, I don’t think I can come close to recreating any of Satoshi’s character. AG3′s model is so limited that it’ll be impossible to get it looking as gorgeous as his work.

  94. fennz Says:

    Hi there just a random Hongfire member asking about something

    The Nail and Feet color mod you have created, is it that it can only be added to the fashion section.

    This is fine and all except cant have colored toe nails with stockings or shoes and coloured nails with wristbands or fingerless gloves etc

    Can it not but added to the character section with makeup as there is sections to add eye shadow etc.

    But if this isnt possible and is a limit to the game engine then thats a shame.

    But tnx in advance and keep up the great mods ;)

  95. Boomkin Says:

    I’ve always wondered how to add a mod on already modded girls

    Like elf ears on an already made succubus? I load her up with AG3make and it reverts her back to the original with my newly installed mod

  96. DillDoe Says:

    Someone had requested the nail mod to be added to the back section. I’ll see if I still have it and upload it.

    you would have to use sb3utility to do those type of mods, where you replace one mesh with another.

  97. Toukai Says:

    Hmm, I’ve been looking and asking a bit for a few characters from the Nippon Ichi Software games. Such as Prier from La Pucelle Tactics, or Salome from Makai Kingdom.

    Let me get a pic of each….

    link — Lady Salome

    And.. image

    For Prier

  98. EddieX Says:

    ummm, just a simple request then:
    a sports bra:
    and a modified sports bra with T-Neck Shirts, (without sleeves)

  99. JD300 Says:

    Awesome work!! I got 2 requests for you. The first one is Asuka’s school uniform (yugioh gx)

    I was also wondering if you could make this dress. It was posted in one of the forums as a request. I think its Mana’s

  100. Randomness Says:

    If you can DillDoe can you make the girls from shuffle.
    Mainly Asa(girl with the green hair) and Nerine(girls with the light blue hair on the left) though the other characters would be nice to have too. It shouldnt be too hard except with the hair and ribbons

  101. Hunted Says:

    Never saw a final version of that Chun-li alpha outfit!

  102. Mekanix Says:

    requesting Caitlin Fairchild from gen13 comics.” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>image

  103. Wildfang Says:

    One simple but huge request:
    Just make some new erotic S H O E S.
    Pretty Please

  104. Horny Bato Says:

    hey man, great mods! any update on the motoko mod? it looked really nice. tnx.

  105. Tyrone Says:

    hey i hate to be a bother but is it possible to make a guy character like Minato Arisato from Persona 3 as the guy in AG3?

  106. JRL90 Says:

    Can you make the two girls in this picture image

  107. Leon Says:

    can you create EVA from MGS3? it would go great for my AG3 collection

  108. Ark Says:

    I think they took the gantz one off uppervolta. Any clue where I might find it? Not at HF either, I think.

  109. Ark Says:


    That mod exists. It was either at HF or Uppervolta. Try HF first, that’s where I think I first saw it.

  110. JRL90 Says:

    these 2



  111. eric Says:

    one piece
    nami and nico robin

    female naruto

    totally spies

  112. RenegadeBanner Says:



  113. CS Says:

    Hey, I really appreciate all your hard work!

    Could you make ‘Joanna Dark’ from the game Perfect Dark Zero. you can see the image at
    or at image

    I would also like christie monteiro from Tekken 5

    Thanks a lot!!!

  114. Cyrus Says:

    Hi! First, I have to say that you are one of my favorite modders! Here’s some requests for some gaming girls I haven’t seen yet!

    Rachel from Ninja Gaiden

    Rogue from X-Men!

    Elise from SSX Tricky!

    Hanna from Fear Effect

    Orchid from Killer Instinct!

    Tiffany from Rival Schools!

    Hibana from Kunoichi

    Vanessa from King of fighters

    Whew thats a lot of wishes. Hope you consider some of them! Couldn’t figure out how to get image links past your filter

  115. Kingcole32 Says:

    I have an interesting project for you. The other persona girls have already been requested, but an actual challenge, I imagine, would be to do a body mod for Aigis. I’m tyring to do all the persona girls on my own, but I’m just starting out. It would be a treat to see someone experienced taking a stab at it.

  116. Kendroid Says:

    :) I know you have much on your plate, but could you make a Disney Tinkerbell mod? Even if it’s just the wings/clothes? Although the hair would be nice. ;) I have DL’d lots of your mods. You should be commended. *claps*

  117. DillDoe Says:

    Actually that does look like an interesting mod. Kinda reminds me of my Alita mod (which is one of my fav mod) I think the major problem would be the shoulder (which is always a pain to mess with)

  118. Renji_Abarai_Sp Says:

    Hello DillDoe !!! Congratulations for your great job: your creations are fantastic! I’ve a request for you: i’ve been trying to make Ryofu Housen, from Ikkitousen Anime. Here’s a pic of her:


    But with no luck. Here’s my base char, if you want to use it for creating the new one.


    Unfortunately, she isn’t like in the anime, so i hope you can do it better than me.

    Thank you and regards from hongfire forums!

  119. Colby Says:

    I would be grateful if you would make “Lisa Lisa” from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’ve always been infatuated with her.

  120. Zhein Says:

    can you make a saber for me ^^
    here is the link


  121. Hill Says:

    Can you make the clothes and item in this file?


    The characters are from Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Phantasia, Touhou and Dragon Quest. For some of the images I couldn’t find back shots.

  122. supermarvel Says:

    hello dildo ! could you make the first outfit of jill valentine of resident evil(residen evil 1) please?

  123. Colby Says:

    Also “Mamaya” from “Fist of the North Star” would be nice

  124. Vega Says:

    Here’s an interesting design, though I’m not sure how many people will want her until after the game comes out, so it’s not a high priority at the moment…



    There’s a good number of reference pics in there.

  125. DillDoe Says:

    A Japanese modder is working on a tinkerbell and from what I saw, it’s looks pretty damn good.

    Yeah, I thought about doing that the first time I saw the demo, but I’m so backed up that it’s gonna be a while before I can even start on it.

  126. Runhurd Says:

    I would like to request 2 chars from Yugioh and 2 from GX

    From Yugioh
    Dark Necrofear, only links I can give are from a hentai comic and the card it self

    second of Yugioh is Cyber Harpie Lady,

    from Yugioh GX

    Alexus Rosie,

    and last


    are these alright to ask for requesting for AG3 ^^

  127. Jumper Says:

    Is there a Lacus Clyne face and clothing mod anywhere? the only thing I could find was a Meer clothing set.

  128. ShadowZero Says:

    Subaru Nakajima, Ginga Nakajima, Tiana Lanstar, Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Hayate Yagami, Shamal, Signum, Vita form Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS


  129. ShadowZero Says:

    so when will the Samus Mod finish?

  130. DeeBeeZee Says:

    I was wondering if I could trouble you to make me a Normal son goku I would be eternally grateful :D

    here’s a pic just in case
    please try it :)

  131. Me Says:

    Make Liru
    From Magical Pokaan

    … just type in Liru in google images…. she’s everywhere.

  132. Jumper Says:

    Haven’t seen anything for Aria yet. Think you can make these?


  133. ShadowZero Says:

    you know the game called ONI Could try making Mai Hasegawa A.K.A Konoko

    here’s a link

  134. PureType D Zanza Says:

    Lol you probably seen me online before in Hongfire but anywayz, I’m here to make a couple of requests that none of them modders over at hongfire haven’t done yet…except for B.Jenet.

    Hmm think you can make these?

    Akira *Viper 16 and Viper GTB*


    Sarah Bryant *Virtua Fighter series*


    Vanessa Lewis *Virtua Fighter series*


    Sniper Wolf *Metal Gear Solid*


    Excellen Browning *Super Robot Taisen*


    And for laughs..I’m curious if you can make a female version of Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin xD

  135. supermarvel Says:

    hello! I have a request for you, Rouge from powerstone. I hope you like her! and that she’s a good challenge for you!

    here is a picture of her:

    and if you want other pictures of rouge:

  136. PureType D Zanza Says:

    Forgot to add these two

    Shanoa *Castlevania Order of Ecclesia* I dont think anyone has even made a Castlevania character so it would be nice to see her in AG3


    Selvaria Bles *Valkyria Chronicles* Was expecting her to be made soon after how epic the game was but meh.


  137. ZombieSama Says:

    I have a couple of requests for ya if you don’t mind. =]

    Anju [The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask] image
    Rushuna [Grenadier] link

  138. Ark Says:

    To KingCole,

    You might want to check out an existing Aigis mod on UV. It’s included in a pack with other Persona girls, IIRC. Try searching it up with katakana ペルソナ

  139. Leon Says:

    @ Ark

    Where would you find this Aigis and other Persona mods for AG3

    it would seem that UV is forbidden for me to access and i cant get it from where you were talking about

    can ya help?

  140. Nathaniel Says:

    The nuns from 07-Ghost.
    The mermaid from 07-Ghost
    She can shape shift to have legs, so this will work just fine. Might be interesting.

    Yoko from tengen topa gurren lagan would also be just plain awesome.

  141. PureType D Zanza Says:

    @ Nathaniel

    Yoko has already been made like 10 times or more, you could pretty much find her in the AG3 Database Client if you have that if not here’s the link

    As for Sarah Bryant and Vanessa Lewis, here are some videos that i forgot to post that might give you a better look at them in motion if your still interested in making them Dilldoe :D .

    link its a japanese site but its easy to browse,
    just type either Sarah or Vanessa in the search box at the bottom of the page.

  142. Hill Says:

    Is there a character mod for Golden Darkness? The only thing I could find for her was her clothing set.

  143. Kevin Says:

    eh…how about Vanille from FFXIII
    and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia?
    or girls from Seikon no Qwaser?
    heh…anye of these or all of these would be nice

  144. Lucif3r Says:

    It would be very very much appreciated if you can create Freya or Lenneth from the game Valkyrie Profile. They are gorgeous. ^^ Thanks in advance

  145. Uro Says:

    I request, Nay i BEG you to make sheva from re5 here’s a pic of her image
    oh and for like a sexy/sleepwear please make her tribal outfit ill be overjoyed

  146. Gizmo Says:

    Hey, how about the blonde chick from the röyksopp – remind me music video?

    she is HOT.
    im sure i can think of more

    ah right, i forgot, some kind of micro bikini and underboob/sideboob stuffs ^^
    sigh, sorry for the triple comment but heres an example of clothing i like: link

    the royksopp video can be found on youtube, its in infographics so she is drawn, not real girl.

  147. DillDoe Says:

    there are tons of micro bikini already available, just google it and you’ll find a handful of them.

  148. Gizmo Says:


    thanks for the enlightment!
    ive just recently started playing and im not member at hongfire (its a pita to keep track of all the places im already a member, lol)

  149. Jeff Says:

    Someone up there mentioned Shego. I’d love it if someone did her regular outfit, I can’t figure out how to make clothes for the life of me. I already have a model of her in her Ms. Go outfit.

  150. Rasengetsu Says:

    Being an opportunist and having some epic sucky chara making skills, I request with the highest respect of your talent to do make these two girls for me. Unfortunatly I have only one pic and do not know their identity =/
    I suspect they might be from a Final Fantasy but that is just my theory.

  151. Gizmo Says:

    how about urabe form mysterious girlfriend x?” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>link
    theres more if you click the tags

  152. Ulquiorra Says:

    ok so i’m shot shore y other people havent asked but any girl from final fantsy 7-13, deffinatly do the cat girls from 11 XD and special request for yoruichi from bleach cus noone can get the hair that stands out alond the side ware ther side (hair set) is :\ and it’s starting to bug me a little –.– o yea and the little girl that hangs out with zempachi XD, now that i think about it you can do rukia to o.o and that’s all i can think of right now :\ but if i think of anymore i’ll let you know :) (maybe you can have soi fon and yoruichi fight o.o that would b kinda cool)

  153. Ulquiorra Says:

    i must request a dude mesh of sephiroth O.o if you donno who it is (you do most likly) i have pictures :)


    this is a cosplay of his outfit it might b ezer if you see this from the site :)

    OMG AN Ulquiorra MAN!!!!!! WOOT YOU SHOULD DO THAT!!!! i would i have the utility but i’m kinda dumb when it comes to how to use it and i dont wanna mess nothin up so i let other ppl do it :)

  154. Lord Fabio Says:

    So I remember a while back that you were working on a Ghost in the Shell costume. Did you ever finish it? Your post said it was 80% done a while back. It was looking good.

  155. Eclipse787 Says:

    Hinoki Sai from Betterman would great I tried but couldn’t get the hair right



  156. ulquiorra Says:

    i have a question it seems like noone has requested anything from the .hack series so i’m ganna request helba blackrose and lady subaru ^^

    image that’s halba

    image that’s blackrose

    image this is subaru, i cant find a better picture of her on google imagest but i’m shore if you fill like doing her you wont have any problem looking looking, plus i’m leaving right now and i dont fill like doing this all over again ^^;

  157. Mic Says:

    Are there any mods for Nanoha and Fate Testarossa?

  158. Argh Says:

    Hey Dilldoe, I was just wondering if you could do a Shadaloo doll outfit if it won’t take long. I know you did Cammy’s outfits really well and I was wondering if you ever did anything like these:


  159. DillDoe Says:

    Pretty sure there’s a Shadaloo version out already, one was just texture and another was a mod version of my cammy outfit.

  160. Argh Says:

    I’ve been looking for it but it looks like it’s on Uppervolta somewhere, which :
    A: I can’t access due to them blocking non-jp IPs
    B: I’ve got no idea what the file would be called.

    I thought you did one a while back but I couldn’t find it so I thought to ask since your Cammy was pretty much perfect.

  161. Azrael Says:

    Hatsune Miku

    Black Rock Shooter Miku

    ive come close without modding, but theres still kinks in it. :(

  162. Pawww Says:

    Rangiku Matsumoto and Inoue Orihime from bleach!

    All previous attempts from others suck! Would really like to see your versions of them!

  163. MegamanDRN001 Says:

    Hey Dilldoe, I love your Cammy, Chun-Li and Sakura. All of them are perfect and their costumes are top notch. I was wondering what the chance of a Rose and/or Crimson Viper would be? Then you could have all the SFIV girls in one world, and a rounded out cast for your website…

  164. DillDoe Says:

    there’re at least 2 different version of Hatsune Miku out by japanese modders.

    I don’t think (character wise) I can do much better than what’s already out. Character modding is very limited due to the restrictions of AG3.

    I did start on a Crimson Viper months ago, but (like many other mods) I’ve got side track and never got to finish/work on it more.


  165. MegamanDRN001 Says:

    So far that looks great! Hope you have time to work on it soon.

  166. Hill Says:

    Think you can make Zenon and her clothing? I haven’t seen anything for her yet.


  167. Captainzeo Says:

    Can you make Naruto in Sexy Jutsu Mode (when he transforms in a girl)?
    Im also lookin for the costume for temari

  168. riot Says:

    i would like to request
    Noel Vermillion and Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue

  169. Deren Says:

    I would like to request megurine luka from vocaloids.


  170. LuMi Says:

    your stuff is awesome so far. i thought i could make an outfit myself, but had to realize its not that easy.
    what i like to see is Jenosa Arma’s Combat Suit (yes, her design, name AND game look all strikingly similar to Metroid’s Samus Aran :D )

  171. Chechiarts Says:

    you could do

    Naga from the anime Slayers

  172. love Says:

    i would love to see taokaka from blazblue

    and maybe vanessa from king of fighters

  173. Death Says:

    Can you import the clothes from Artificial Girl 2 to AG3? I was mad the makers didn’t bring those clothing sets back.

  174. DeadReck0ning88 Says:

    Would Really Appreciate it if you could make these if not maybe the clothes at least and if not thats fine just let me know you can’t so im not waiting for nothing…

    Yu-gi-oh & yu-gi-oh gx:

    Alexis rhodes
    Blair Flannigan
    Tea Garner

    Persona 3

    Yukari Takebe
    Fuuka Yamagishi

    Final Fantasy 7

    Yuffie (the dirge of cerberus version cause shes 18 in that)

    Star Ocean 3

    Sophia Esteed
    Maria Traydor
    Welche Vineyard

    Gundam Seed Destiny


    I know this is a lot but do what you can, if you are willing.

  175. blank me Says:

    DeadReck0ning88, There’s already a Lacus (2 versions of her), Lunamaria and Meyrin.

  176. nyunyuelf Says:

    I am requesting Inuyasha as the main character. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I would be so flippin’ stoked if it was!! My husband would be happy, too. If you can, that’s stellar; if not, oh well..You do awesome work!

  177. hughjazz7 Says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you could make this outfit:


    I would prefer it without the nipple pierceings. Ow and btw your work so far is awesome!! XD

  178. hughjazz7 Says:

    Hi, me again. Sorry about previous pic, got deleted somehow and I can’t seem to have it anymore but i found a coloured one:


  179. roguefiend Says:

    @blankme if your still around can you tell me where to find Lacus and her clothes, i been looking too

  180. blank me Says:

    Try this page:


    I can’t remember if I got her from there or another site.

  181. Raven Says:

    hey you think you could do Kagome from Inuyasha? I see joanna Dark is on the list, i’ll be hoping for that sometime soon.

    I don’t think they’d be all that hard to make just the hair style isn’t on the list:
    Front: image
    Back: image

  182. Agrus Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can do this character, I have been looking in all forums and webs and I didnt find anything.
    The character is May from Pokemon.

    There are some images, and I found a clothe set but I cant use it I dont know why. And when I put it on cloth creator it apears diferent to me, well there are the images and the cloth set.

  183. ZalmoxisX Says:

    Umah from Blood Omen 2.


  184. Brufh Says:

    Hi, your halibel is just great the best char i ever saw.
    so i tough you could do Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    here are some pics of her:

    1- image
    2- image
    3- image

  185. vo Says:

    can you make the first two girls on the page?


  186. Einzieger Says:

    Can you make “Ahsoka Tano” from star wars the clone wars ?

    Thx for your great works !!

  187. Lord B Says:

    jacqli from ar tonelico 2 Link

  188. reiez Says:

    Aki Izayoi from Yugioh 5D’s, or Kallen from Code Geass

  189. Chasing skirts Says:

    Anybody know if there’s a Powerpuff Girls Z Blossom and Buttercup? I’ve only been able to find Bubbles so far.

    Anyone also know if the other females from that series made it into AG3?

  190. HellsingFan Says:

    I was hoping you could do Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing. I can even give you some of the textures and freckles that go into making her. I would greatly appreciate it.

  191. Boomkin Says:

    Harley Quinn from Batman. Joker’s sidekick :) If you could make her.. I would really, really, really appreciate it.


  192. DillDoe Says:

    Think Harley was one first mod I did, not a full body suit, but pretty close. I’ll revisit it after I finish up my current mods.

  193. hrothgar Says:

    Predator from Predator and AvP movies.

    Hello Dilldoe, you really have an amazing site with AG3, one of the best out there.

    Just replace the guy instead with a Predator from the Predator movies, or games. That would be cool seeing the Predator in H scenes with the girls of AG3. If you really think that would be a cool addon for AG3, and want to do that Dilldoe, I would really enjoy that and of course appreciate that.

    Thanks Dilldoe, you should work for Illusion lol.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  194. AbatedDust Says:

    Hey Dildoe, is there a way to extract the individual pieces of an outfit from the pp and/or js3 files, say for example Dark Magician Girl, and then add the individual pieces to the js3_00_00_00 so that you could use individual pieces any way you wanted?

    I guess I’ll also throw a few requests out while I’m here. Mostly anime characters and outfits.
    Urd (Ah! Megami-sama)
    Hinoki Sai (Betterman) I’m pretty sure she’s 18 later on in the series.
    Allenby Beardsly (G Gundam) I love the bodysuits in this series.
    Aisha Clan-clan (Outlaw star)
    Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!)
    Naomi Fluegel (Zoids: New Century Zero

    I also thought of a few individual clothing pieces.
    Fingerless Gloves
    V-neck dress top
    Band-aids (Undergarments, lol)
    Low-cut Bunny Suit

    Just e-mail me if you ever need some reference material.
    I love all the stuff you’ve done, it inspired me to make a few replicas of my own; no modding of course.

  195. DillDoe Says:

    Yes you can extract mesh for use in Make. I’ve shown how to add mods manually for use in Make.

    alot of your clothing pieces have already been made by other modders, most were done just using transparent textures.

  196. Surfmud Says:

    Kingdom Hearts Kairi.


    You can try out google too. but i would like the pink zipper outfit. Thanks!

  197. Nyuck Nyuck Says:

    Some dickgirls would be just great

  198. FireCloud42 Says:

    I mean Black Cat from Marvel and Sango from Inuyasha

    Black Cat


  199. Gerbera Says:

    Hello Dilldoe, you really have an amazing site with AG3, one of the best out there. Can I request you make a Diva Mizuki/Mizuki Tachibana character mod.

  200. shee Says:

    Hello. I have a request, quite simple though ecchi in origin. Could you design an equestrian outfit and a majorette�s uniform. Those are sexy themes.

  201. raythecoolest Says:

    sry abt the extra brackets..i dont think it works here:

    1. Shana from Shakugan no Shana(black and red hair)

    2. Teen Titans Girls:









    it would be great if you could include clothes for these characters too!!! X33

    Thanks Again!!!!

    here is a clearer versions of:



    pause at 0:24 for her clothes



    Thank you sooooo much, Dilldoe!!! (does that stand for “dildo”?) XD

  202. DillDoe Says:

    You can create the equestrian outfit yourself with the rollerskate helmet (see here)

    seeing they’re all ‘teens’ that would fall under my no underage category, which I won’t do.

  203. Johnathon Says:

    I have a couple of requests if you don’t mind

    Aki Izayoi from Yugioh 5D’s
    and her Tight Suit

    Aisha Kanu from Koihime Musou

    Karin Kanzaki from the Street Fighter Alpha series

    Rachel Alucard’s clothes from Blazblue

    Index’s Nun Costume from To Aru Majutsu no Index

    Misao Makimachi Costume (since I keep messing up on the design and gloves)

    **Oh and to save you some time both Furinji Miu and Boa Hancock have been made by other people already**

  204. PureType D Zanza Says:

    hey again, I have a couple of requests if you don’t mind

    Lulu from Final Fantasy 10 *I’m pretty sure she wasn’t made yet*

    Yunalesca from Final Fantasy 10 *She should be a challenge though pics of her are hard to find aside from her in-game screenshots and artwork*

    P.S. My other requests Excellen Browning and Kenshin have been made by other people already, dunno about my other requests

  205. hawk Says:

    oh ya theres another i would like to see its superwomen from the movie JLA crisis on two earths is the evil wonder women called superwomen heres a pic of her and one of star girl image image

  206. DeadReckoning88 Says:

    Hey I’ve seen the requests for these a couple times now on your site but was hoping that you could just do the clothes for the following since I can make the characters on my own:


    Alexis rhodes (school Uniform)
    Blair Flannigan (School Uniform)
    Tea Garner (Season 1 outfit)
    Mana (Her Dress)

    Persona 3

    Yukari Takebe (school winter set)
    Fuuka Yamagishi (school winter set)
    Chihiro (school winter set)

    Final Fantasy 7

    Yuffie (the dirge of cerberus version cause shes 18 in that)

    Star Ocean 3

    Sophia Esteed (her regular in game clothes)
    Maria Traydor (her regular in game clothes)
    Welche Vineyard

    Star ocean 4

    Reimi Saionji

    Your work is really great hope you can make these since my attempts have failed me since I don’t have the proper editor or the skills to do the clothing morphs. Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  207. Black Sperings Says:

    Hey Dilldoe, nice website, love your work.
    I’ve looked around the net and I’ve found plenty of costumes, accessories and all sorts of different mods but what I’m looking for is hairstyles.
    Some modded characters I’ve seen come with their own custom hairstyle but I can’t seem to find way to use them on my own creations.
    Plus I have no idea how to create my own hairstyles.
    Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.
    Thank you Dilldoe.

  208. Pokemon Fan Says:

    I request more pokemon. Blaziken, lucario, infernape…ect.

  209. mk fan Says:

    HI Dildoe :-)
    I request Marge Simpson.
    I think its very hard to do because of her Hairstyle but im sure u can handle it.
    You are the modding GOD if u cant do it no one can.
    Thank you :-)

  210. Gundamfan Says:

    Can i request Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny?

  211. Hawk Says:

    Ya i got two good ones can you make Nova and kearigan from Star Craft as Ghosts

  212. Paxman Says:

    DillDoe, do you know if someone made the Soulcalubur 3 and 4 versions of Sophitia’s clothes or even models yet? To this date I’ve only seen a clothing and character model from SC2 for her. :(

  213. Lord B Says:

    the qirls from “Sakura Wars So Long My Love” thnx in advance

  214. Swordsman Says:

    Could you do Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II? The Pink Attire she wears most the game, not the School Uniform. (Just to be clear) Muchos Gracius.

  215. NHGAMEBOY Says:

    if i can make 2 requests
    1. KOS-MOS her and her cloths from all 3 games
    game 1 look image (1st game, best i could find) image (how she looks from game)

    image (2ed game, back) image (front)

    image (3ed game front)
    image (all front back sides)


    2. T-elos from the 3ed game
    image (front)
    image (front and back)

    if u could do them that would b cool :)

  216. I'dBeGrateful Says:

    I was wondering if you could do Kallen in her Black Knights uniform
    or from when she was dressed as a bunny in season 2
    (God I hope my links work)

  217. PureType D Zanza Says:


    Kos-mos and Telos has been made over at hongfire, use the search function if u want to get them


    Hey just wondering, have u ever finished that request for a black male mod for the player or is it still WIP? And yes i know there’s a futa version of said mod but yeaaah them AG3 hotties all want the real thing lol

  218. Zorax Says:

    Hello I would liek you to try wiht some characters of the Final Fantasy Series:
    - Tina / Terra Branford FFVI
    - Ceres FFVI
    - Beatrix FFIX
    - Rose FFIV
    - Warrior of light – Whitemage FFI

  219. zbychu Says:

    even if you do not want to finish it
    can you at least release what you already did with the model?

  220. DillDoe Says:

    bayonetta & samus are my top priority to finish, so just be a bit more patient. I hate to release less than perfect mods.

  221. zbychu Says:

    awsome to hear that
    I thought that all hope was lost

  222. ChiyoAmaya Says:

    Outlaw Star = Aisha Clan-Clan [char + cos]

  223. o2 Says:

    I sure hope you didn’t forget about this site and i hope to see some update soon, even withour download links.

  224. ken Says:

    oh please do hakufu from ikkitousen! or better all characters from ikkitousen

  225. Jumper Says:

    So has Sophitia from Soulcalibur 4 been made? To this day I’ve only seen a version of her that’s from SC2.

  226. Ssiimmee Says:

    Could you do like a dildo outfit? You know with like a dildo sticking out ot pussy, ass or both? (that gets removed during h scene, either by default or by clicking on em (like panties spot))

  227. BahamutZ350 Says:

    Would it be possible for you to do the hair for Soifon from Bleach? There is already a great version of her out (image), but you can’t edit her without loosing her hair. Weather it be as accessory or an additional hairstyle, any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  228. ChiyoAmaya Says:

    dragonball z = chi chi [cha + cos]

  229. Limper Says:

    i second on
    sophita and bayonetta

  230. berserk Says:

    Any news on the bayonetta character/clothes?

  231. zhaul Says:

    I am a great admiror of your work. I really would appreciate if you could share Neytiri’s hair do to use it with other girls. I sent you a pm in hungfire with the same request. Please, I would love to creat a girl with that hair do. Many thanks in advance.

  232. TrigIII Says:

    Your work is fantastic D:. I am personally a huge fan of your Halibel and was wondering if you would work on other Bleach characters again!

    In specific, Kuukaku Shiba [cos] and [hair] since I can’t seem to find her anywhere and I know you’ll do an incredible job!

  233. Jakoby Says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into each of your models. I do have a request if you are interested, considering I don’t think anyone has done it yet. If you have the time, could you try your hand at Terra Branford from FF VI?

  234. Jakoby Says:

    Actually, scratch that. I had somehow completely forgotten how amazing sexy and under-appreciated Ultimecia is. Throw the Terra request clear out the window. An Ultimecia skin would be the greatest.

  235. jim403 Says:

    you wouldent be able to do Tsume Inuzuka

  236. Trigon73 Says:

    Sonson from MVC2 would be cool too…

  237. Joel Says:

    Finish Samus please?

  238. Blizzard Says:

    Did anyone find a soul calibur 4 Sophitia yet? at the same time does anyone know if sexy beach 3 has a SC4 Sophitia clothing set?

  239. cfb Says:

    What happened to the “full body suit” project?


    Has it been scrapped or something? I can’t find a download location anywhere!

  240. RedShocktrooper Says:

    Alicia Melchiott, from Valkyria Chronicles, if at all possible.


    But I’ll take just her bandana if that’s OK.

  241. Tommer Says:

    I’d love you to release that fox tail you used for Arf, pretty please =D

  242. Tommer Says:

    Also you should make Reisen Udongein Inaba from Touhou :D